Tiny, tiny, tiny things

November, riding past a plastic sea covering the fields, North Berwick Law behind

November, riding past a plastic sea covering the fields, North Berwick Law behind

No I’m not writing about the effects of the seasonal cold on the ageing (or not so ageing) male’s parts, but bugs. Not the computery type of bugs, but germs, viruses etc., so small that they are quite invisible without resorting to the wonders of optics. Such a small, microscopic thing, but what a powerful influence on our lives at times.

I’ve been off the bike for almost two weeks, aching in body & head, sweating so much, coughing, bringing up phlegm (a great word if ever there was) and just generally fed up. Strangely enough, despite not riding or feeling up to doing much and still eating reasonably well I’ve lost weight – must be the body harnessing everything for the fight against illness.

So, I’ve been watching the fine autumn days go by, as well as the rainy, blowy ones. I’ve been unusually attentive to everyone’s blogs, so had some great reading. I’ve been looking at friends’ and contacts’ Strava recorded rides, noting their PRs, giving kudos and missing out on a few group rides.

At last I slept all night & am feeling the possibility of a wee daunder on two wheels again. The bike has been cleaned & is waiting. New 700×25 tyres have been ordered, new cheap Chinese powerful lights have arrived for occasional night rides and I’m starting to improve in health, if not in vitality.

So what will my first ride be? Who knows, certainly not I? It will depend on the weather, the wind, how strong I’m feeling (or how weak) and who I’m with that trip.

All I know is I’m looking forward to ridding myself of those tiny, tiny, tiny things and being back out on that road again despite the autumn chills. And it’s back above 5 degrees again.

10 thoughts on “Tiny, tiny, tiny things

  1. Rachel M

    I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend. I’ve been coughing up phlegm too but no fever or anything more serious. It does make physical exercise more difficult when you have a chesty cough. Enjoy your first ride!

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  2. Maxine Dodd - Artist

    I do feel sorry for you – my whole family has been struggling with a bug for about 6 weeks now We’ve been riding the rollercoaster of feeling a bit better one day and back down the next. Very, very frustrating! I’m sure a ride in the fresh air will do you a power of good when you’re up to it, so here’s hoping you’re back on form very soon, 🙂

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