My senses hijacked

Foxlake Cyclocross - Just watch those juniors go!

Foxlake Cyclocross – Just watch those juniors go!

I was going to continue my ramblings about the senses, but my recent two rides have intervened.

It has been quite cold the last couple of days with snow on the local hills. I was tempted to liberate the skis & try to pootle over the hills, but never quite got it together and not sure if there’s enough cover yet.

So, looked out the window yesterday – it was dark, dark, dark, especially as it wasn’t that long after lunch. The thermometer & forecast were round about 2º and I was told “surely you’re not going to go out in that – it’s going to snow”. So only one thing for it – away. Donned double everything & quadruple up top. Hurrah for winter shoes and away we go. First the snow/ice was in the verges, so better to stay well out, just as usual anyway, and stick to the roads I thought would be gritted. The crows were around in the fields, picking a living. Further along a huge flock of rooks swung around the sky and a hare darted off across the field away from me. The hills came into view and looked just great and tempting in their winter whiteness. The it started to rain a wee bit. I suddenly realised I was roasty toasty, cheery and happy & bowling along with a grin all across my face, despite the chill headwind. I wandered up then down towards North Berwick, going for it when the wind finally hit my back. In the town I saw the postie, one of my cycling pals. She was just on her way home from work, so we had a wee chat & then I set of again. The rest of the ride continued with that feeling of joy when things are just right. My legs had been achingly sore 2 days before but seemed back to normal – a real bonus.

Today was a wee bit different, temperature down to 1º and slightly lighter with a hint of a touch of a sight of the sun and a bit less windy. Popped off up the local road, part of the Sustrans route near us. I had warned folk a couple of week ago that they had been cutting the hedges and that I had had a thorn branch stuck in the tyre, pulled it out and that hiss that followed that tells you everything. A friend had posted that the road was OK again if you stuck to the car tyre tracks. Alas I had to cross over to avoid ice. Guess what – yes again, followed by that hiss. !@£$%@:”?><)(!!. So much for puncture proof tyres. Ah well, at least it wasn’t dark. I removed the tube & made sure the tyre was free of stuff on the inside. As I put a brand new tube in the front wheel I noticed it didn’t pump up that well when I pre-inflated it. Damn there was a hole in it near the valve, hurrumph. Luckily I carry to spares. Put the other one in & away I went. All somewhat slowly because of the cold. But the views of the hills showed more snow on the ground.

Carried on & chose a steep ascent to go up as a warm up. Over a mile later at 6% average (rising up to 15% according to Strava) I was definitely warm. Then it was off back hame, chasing other cyclists en route. So all’s well . . . . . .

So 2 days and 2 very different rides with different challenges, but so glad to be able to get out. Tomorrow it is due to rise to a balmy 5-6º so with luck I’ll ride along with one of our local groups. Wonder how it will go?

6 thoughts on “My senses hijacked

  1. Rachel M

    It must be tricky changing a tube when your hands are so cold. I’ve got puncture-proof tyres on my bike too and so far I haven’t had a single puncture. I hope it stays this way because I haven’t a clue how to change the tube. But it’s kind of complicated on my bike, especially the back wheel as there’s an enclosed chain and wiring for the front headlamp.

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  2. exmaschine

    Nice rides.
    1C? or 1F? Geez, I hope you mean 30-32 degrees! I went out on the 28th, it was 30 and It was windy to boot. I hate the cold!!!! It’s been in the high 30’s here in NJ, not much sun either. But, short rides are better than no rides!


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