How much is too much, or too little?

Or is enough, enough?

I’m not very good at posting these days and I’ve been finding it hard to keep up with everyone’s posts. So what’s the solution, if any is required?

Skim reading is OK but then I have to go back and re-read things I know I have overlooked. I usually like pics in posts, but don’t wish to neglect the text. Just going by titles doesn’t always help much either. So I find myself binging on catchups, commenting on stuff that’s a bit out of date. Ah well.

As for my own posts, I like to act on ideas I have, rather than just feeling I have to churn out another post as I haven’t done one for ages. And I usually take a wee bit of time, either on or off the bike. Ah well again!

So just to finish a few pics to give a bit of lightness for the article from some recent rides.

Coming down from the hills & dodging sheep

Autumn leaves

Waiting for the flood?

Lovely local roads

Sun power?

Glorious shafts

  The Haddington Cycle Club head off from the Humbie Hub
Catchup time

Away from the rain

All together again

15 thoughts on “How much is too much, or too little?

  1. Human Cyclist

    Lovely pics. Autumn is here, those skies are warning, quick enjoy the season before winter kicks in. I’m with you on post frequency. Only write when you have the urge, when the words in your head can no longer be contained. And even then you have to find the time.

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  2. AndrewGills

    I agree with Human Cyclist. Blog as you feel it’s right for you. As for catching up on others’ posts. I usually skim through my reader every few days when traveling. I go through stages where I read all of a few people’s posts then swap to read others depending on my mood and what jumps out at me or how far behind in reading I am. I think reading and writing blogs is like reading and writing magazines … Sometimes you’re into cycling, other times travel and then every now and then you see sitting at the proverbial dentist and pick up what ever is on Freshly Pressed (the WordPress coffee table 😉 ) .

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  3. secondratecyclist

    I’m the same way, FC! I sometimes panic if I think that I haven’t posted enough or that my posts are not being “liked” enough. I shouldn’t. I know. One thing about your posts though, when I see there is one, I know it’ll be worth it. Oh, by the way, that looked like some strong wind in the pictures. Yikes!

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  4. Gail Rehbein

    I’m binge reading right now 🙂 I don’t read blogs every day and sometimes it means I get behind in my reading. Then I go to the ones I really enjoy – your blog is one of them – and ‘catch up’. Thanks for writing and riding and showing me life on a bike in Scotland – it’s a long way from Australia! 🙂

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  5. Mountainstroh (Tony)

    Have the same problem pal. Sometimes the posts come fast and furious others in dribs and drabs. When I’ve tried to force a post, I dont have fun and most times I delete it before publishing. So now I blog when there is something to say. Great pictures on this post!

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  6. Rachel M

    I missed a whole heap of posts because of my trip away and I doubt I will be able to catch up on them all. This happens and reading blog posts is supposed to be fun rather than a chore so I wouldn’t worry if you miss some from time to time.

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