Make Do and Mend

I wasn’t quite a war baby, but I wasn’t born long after the Second World War. My parents had obviously been through the hostilities and the rationing that involved and lasted for a 8 years more. So I learnt by their example to be fairly thrifty.

When I was younger, before outdoor clothing became trendy and the thing to wear, I used to make my own clothes including wetsuits, latex dry suits tops, over trousers, cagoulesc, summer & winter climbing trousers etc. I also made my own rucksack with clips used in convertible sportscar tops so I could just unclip the lid.

This has spilled over into my cycling. Recently I found myself mending some overshoes that had gone underneath. I had some Gortex and so sewed some new pieces into the overshoes. I bought some mudguards recently unfortunately I caught them on a fence and it broke off the rear section. I just drilled holes through and adapted the pieces to fit complete new ones. I’m really bad at checking things like tires and have won them right down through the tread at times. So for better or worse it looks like this early training has lasted through my life.

I also like browsing through charity shops for stuff at times.

My road bike was bought on EBay, and is now over 8 years old, comfortable with it’s Roubaix flex inserts, paddle bars etc, ideal for our roughish roads round here. So I’ve no intentions of changing it any time soon.

This attitude may be not too good at times, but it has served me well and I wonder if the emphasis on modern consumerism has gone too far these days, or am I turning into a grumpy old yin? Several of my older pals are similar to myself, maybe it’s also that we have the time as well?

But, it is good to have the skills to sew, mend and repair stuff surely? I never quite got the hang of knitting though!

I’m sure black thread would have been more appropriate?

 Looks like I’ll have to redo the taping!

The ‘Zertz’ inserts on the Roubaix that help absorb vibration.

10 thoughts on “Make Do and Mend

  1. Ian Digman

    Some good ‘hacks’. I wish more people would pick up on ‘make do and mend’ – we have become so used to disposability we don’t look after what we have.


  2. Mountainstroh (Tony)

    I have temporarily mended things that have continued to last for years! And when is comes to thrifty, I am currently awaiting a tow truck to haul my car away to the junk yard in the sky. Bought brand new in 1997, currently 313000 miles, finally gave up the ghost!

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  3. Jean

    I used to sew up to 80% of my wardrobe for about 15 yrs., then cycling passion bit me. 🙂 But I have sewing to make minor alterations which helps a lot. I need to oil that machine so it’ll behave better.

    So I have particular opinions about quality of zippers, position of pockets on outdoor jackets, etc. I’m abit picky.

    I find cycling clothing, ie. jerseys quite durable. I wear a collection of jerseys that go back 15 years. it all works for me. Keep and use clothing, cycling gear in 2 different Canadian provinces where home is 2 different places.

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