Should have used a sportscam? Skiing the local hills.

Well I threatened a video of my wee ski afternoon and here it is.

I’ve amused myself in several ways – having a beautiful afternoon ski, editing some very dodgy video, putting together even dodgier music and finally inflicting it on anybody around.

I didn’t have my sportscam with me so used my old Panasonic bridge camera to film & photograph. I like this camera as it takes reasonable pics, doesn’t owe me anything and is light. It’s been canoeing, climbing, sailing & skiing with me for several years now and I still haven’t managed to wreck it – some day?

Also I haven’t sorted a way of getting decent shots when the sportscam is on my head, perhaps a chest harness is the way to go?

It’s awkward skiing one handed, filming as you ski, especially on the uphill sections.

So finally, here’s the link: Skiing in the Lammermuirs 2016

8 thoughts on “Should have used a sportscam? Skiing the local hills.

    1. fossilcyclist Post author

      Was magic, no walking, you skin up, as it’s called. The ‘skins’ are attached to the skis and these days are made of nylon on a canvas type base. They used to be made of seal skins (I’ve got an ancient pair I got at a charity shop, they were tied on with leather thongs). The hairs of nylon face backwards & grip the snow but you can still glide upwards. The trip was about 2 hours long though not sure how long to get up, was moving well but stopping for photos & climbing/ going through gates etc. Only just over 3 miles in all. There’s a circuit that goes round the tops that’s about 9 miles or more but it needs more time.
      The drive up was OK, just took it easy on the icy bits. It’s a route I’m often up on the bike as well.
      It is bliss being out on the hills on a day like this, and all so close. I’ll maybe get up north later on.

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      1. Rachel M

        That sounds so nice! I want to give it a try. This is partly why we went to the cross-country ski lesson yesterday because I thought it would be fun to ski without having to go to an expensive ski resort.

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