Six weeks almost up

When I was knocked off my bike I read up on broken ribs, including the NHS site (National Health Service UK). It said that basically doctors did nothing & let it just heal naturally. This would take about 6 weeks. So I didn’t bother clogging up the health service unnecessarily, after all I wasn’t coughing up blood!

I seem to be good at the healing process luckily. I’m just 5 weeks in and apart from the odd twinge I seem to be OK. Only legacy is an unwillingness to push it up hills too much, as that led to pain when breathing. Even so I’ve still managed over 500 miles in March as well as a few PRs locally.

However on Wednesday Specialized are hosting a demo day, showing off new rapid bicycles (including Venges).  It’s on a race track at Knockhill in Fife, just under 55 miles away. I’m highly unlikely to be buying a new bike any time soon, but I’ve decided to cycle across and have a go. I think I may stand out a bit as white beards probably aren’t the norm for this type of event, especially as my bike & gear is a whole lot less than high spec.

But, should be fun, first of all trying out cutting edge bling bikes and secondly having a blast round the race track with no traffic etc.

Unless I’m feeling very, very fit (or stupid) I’ll probably cycle back to Edinburgh and get the train back.

So I’ve got a little apprehension but looking forward to it unless the weather is totally inclement.

As ever some recent pix:


Near the Lang Stane looking north


Easter at North Berwick


Looking over to the Bass Rock


Spring is sprung


Our local cycling hazards – two lots of frisky horses this time!


A lovely climb through the wood, closed road as well!


A mistake putting the camera away, but I like it anyway

13 thoughts on “Six weeks almost up

  1. biking2work

    Good to see you’re recovering-shows that fitness is everything! I had a broken rib from rugby and tried to keep going as normal. Working in the NHS, I decided against a chest X-ray as the minor injuries unit policy at the time was that all CXRs should be done in the ED. I couldn’t be bothered with a wait in the days before the 4 hour target so took anti inflammatories and took it easy fro a couple of weeks. It only hurt for a couple of weeks, worse when I coughed or sneezed and even got back onto the field by the end of the season.

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  2. bgddyjim

    Don’t test ride a Venge unless you have the cash to part with. Fair warning.

    Once you fell how fast it is, once you feel that instant acceleration, you’ll be hooked.

    It’s free speed. It just costs an arm and a leg.

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      1. bgddyjim

        They hold up pretty good. Our roads are a bit rough too.

        As for your bahookie, you’re right. A Roubaix might be better. Check out the disc brake Di2. Nice is not a good enough word for that bike. 😉


  3. Gail Rehbein

    I went to a Specialized event a few years ago and tried out a ‘bling’ mountain bike that it’s own brain – I’m still not sure what that means but it had something to do with automatically adjusting the suspension to suit the rider’s weight and riding style. It was heaps of fun.
    Have a great day there!



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