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Meeting eventually

I had a request from a friend a while back. Her pal had a nephew, Steve, who was cycling up from London to Loch Lomond on a sponsored ride. Would I ride down to meet him at Berwick on Tweed and chum him up the road to Edinburgh? Of course, I said OK. I’d not heard from Steve until he sent an email 2 days before he was due in Berwick. Trying to find a train down I realised I couldn’t easily make it for an early start, so arranged to meet in Eyemouth, following the Sustrans N76. We swapped numbers etc.

After sending Steve a Glimpse (a brilliant iOS app) so he could follow my progress I set off with an interesting meeting with 3 deer at Pease Bay plus some of the locals on horses.Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00052Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00051Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00050Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00049Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00048Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00047

I got to Cairns Cross a few miles out of Eyemouth and stopped at the junction. Along came a rider with his bike decked with panniers etc.Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00045I hailed him and he stopped. “Hi Steve” I said, but he looked a little bewildered. Turned out he was a Swiss rider, from Lucerne, who had set off from Dover and was going to the north of Scotland. After he commented on how beautiful this part of Scotland was, we said our farewells and he carried on northwards.

I rang the real Steve and he wasn’t too far away at Ayton, but decided to see each other on the way. I woodshed down to Eyemouth – no sign.Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00044 I carried on along the N76 and just as  was leaving the town I got a call. It was Steve, saying he’d discovered he could cut a bit of the route off with a shortcut (important when your carrying all that gear!) So I shot off back up the hill towards Cairns Cross (though who or what Cairns was I’ve no idea!)

On the way I spied someone pushing his loaded bike up a steep hill. Yes, it was Steve, hurrah!Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00042Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00043

We cycled on, chatting away together, clicking easily with each other with plenty of common ground, cycling, adventures, the outdoors etc. The route is a lovely gradually ascent up to the viewpoint over East Lothian, so plenty of time to chat, swap stories and find out about each other.Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00039Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00038Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00041Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00040

Cairns Cross again

Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00037Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00036Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00034 Then after the magnificent view at the top of the climb we had the beautiful long descent into Pease Bay, which I’d climbed earlier.Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00035

Contemplating the joy of the descent

Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00032Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00033Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00029Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00031Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00030Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00028 This was followed by a careful splash across the ford, a visit to Dunglass Collegiate Kirk (used by Oliver Cromwell’s men as a stable) and eventually back to our place for lunch.Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00027Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00026

A cheery wave to a courteous driver

Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00025

A big drop at the East Lothian border at Dunglass

Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00024Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00020

Up to the kirk

Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00023Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00022Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00021

Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00019

Past Torness power station

Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00017Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00018

Over the A1

Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00016Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00015Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00014Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00013Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00012Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00011Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00010

Steve had been having trouble with his cleats, so we had a bash at trying to sort it, but couldn’t manage the task. We set off together again, taking him the back way through Haddington and sending him on his way to Edinburgh on a well defined cycle route.Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00008

After lunch, out from East Linton

Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00007Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00006

Playing silly games slaloming over the River Tyne (Scottish!)Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00005Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00004Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00003

And finally – fare the well

Bike Ride 2019-10-17-00001

What a great guy, a brilliant 70+ mile ride and an entertaining time.