Monthly Archives: March 2020

Life can be shite

I started this in January.

“I’m usually a sociable sort of guy and love being part of our community cinema, drama group, local cycling meet ups and clubs plus other activities with folks. But I’ve withdrawn from contact.

Our granddaughter has recently been diagnosed with non Hodgkin’s lymphoma and is having radical chemotherapy treatment. This will leave here vulnerable to infection, which would delay treatment.

So no rides with cycling friends, no meeting up for coffees, avoiding public transport, no helping with our community cinema or the panto the drama group is putting on soon.

Hurrah for social media, keeping virtually in touch and being kept up to date.

As an active Strava user it’s good to see what folk are getting up to, including tales of hippos (toy ones) and occasional Strava art etc. Even though it some ways this is trivial it’s also a connection that I value.”

Now two months on with everything going on we’re definitely not alone. Connie’s on the final bit of her treatment, which has been going well so far, but will then have to be physically isolated for 12 weeks, at least.

Folk have been so kind. A loan of a bike so Connie’s partner can avoid contact with others, so many good wishes, offers to do shopping for us crumblies, flowers, goodies, DVDs etc left at the door. The local community has been brilliant with shops offering to do local deliveries etc.

We’re still managing to get out for walks together, keeping well way from others and I’m still cycling solo and I even managed a wee local backcountry ski. I’m lucky ’cause we’re in a rural area so on my rides and our walks we don’t come into close contact.

I do worry for others though, having been more or less away from society for 2 months already. The constant media bombardment doesn’t help either, nor the distrust of the present U.K. government with a record barrage of perceived falsehood, though the Scottish Parliament seems better.

So all the usual advice and hope it goes well for you all.