Monthly Archives: April 2020

100 days

🎡🎢”Got up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head”🎢🎡.

Except I don’t do the latter very often.

It seems a long time ago we went into isolation. It was way back in mid January, our granddaughter had been diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and was due to start chemo. We wanted to be able to see her so socially isolated ourselves. Then, suddenly the pandemic arrived a few weeks back, and everyone joined us in isolation, socially distancing themselves and all the rest.

So – no riding with pals or club, no helping with our community cinema and so on and so on. Being over 70, we’re labelled as old and vulnerable, and with insistent and incessant news items pushed at us, I sometime thought of myself as aged, ancient and decrepit. I then thought !!&*%$&!!, I’m OK so far so no problem – don’t think this way.

Occasionally Groundhog Day creeps in and tries to take over. Another day, what day is it? Who am I? What is the meaning of life? I don’t really thing this way. But, we live in a fantastic village with folk keeping an eye open for us, goodies appearing and lots of FaceTime (or equivalent) communication by chat, voice or video. I’m just thankful we don’t live as hard as some, maybe in a refugee camp or poor township with no sanitation or water.

Daily life alternates between walking one day, cycling the next, but I’ve managed to record a couple of songs (1 complete) with the help of pals, passing Garageband tracks back and forward online.

So for your delight and delectation here it is on YouTube if you wish: Back to the Mountains

Now for some recent photos, as ever, but as they say: “Stay Safe”, by whatever rules your country asks you to abide by.


Bike Ride 2020-04-20-00020

Oh no! Too close

Bike Ride 2020-04-20-00019

They’ve split up

Bike Ride 2020-04-20-00018

And off to the side


A lovely local sign


Found nearby, a ceramic stopper from a Codd’s Bottle 100 to 150 years old. The kids used to break the bottles to get these out to play marbles

Walk 2020-04-17-00015

Highland coos, just out the village

Walk 2020-04-17-00009

A golden eye on a local lake

Walk 2020-04-17-00014

Skunk Cabbage – not smelly yet though!!

Walk 2020-04-17-00011

The fairy table

Bike Ride 2020-04-13-00004

Plenty of spring time farming action

Bike Ride 2020-04-13-00008

Photo time

Bike Ride 2020-04-13-00002

The red deer are all sitting for a change

Bike Ride 2020-04-13-00001

… behind the old bike


A local cormorant on our river, come inland


Just showing off!