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Getting back on track, zooming along 🎶

Some things have gone by the board a bit as days slide into days. I’ve managed to keep going on the bike, up over 4,000 miles so far this year. However, I play my guitars less and a song I meant to record has not translated itself into video yet. I sometimes start on something and suddenly realise that days have gone by again.

But, recently, I’ve rejoined in with the local folk club via zoom. This has given me a wee impetus by connecting with others in song and tunes. My instruments have been tuned up and I’ve even been rehearsing with intent! As I haven’t made up any songs recently I joined a FutureLearn course on “How to write your first song” just to get me kickstarted again, even though it won’t be my first. FutureLearn is amazing, courses are free and diverse – from all over the world, usually lasting 3 to 6 weeks. I’ve done courses on forensic pathology, Japanese scrolls, cyber security and more. The link is:

I’ve also had my canoe out a couple of times recently, first time to give a pal an intro to canoeing lesson. This involved me borrowing a stand up paddle board and teaching from that, as my open canoe is a solo one.

I have also joined kinomap, as I bought a fliiiight trainer for my bike. I tried out the demo and noticed that if I submit videos I can get free subscription for a month. So, couldn’t resist. I am on as KinoAl, and have put on some local cycling videos roundabout East Lothian, in Scotland ( I also thought a canoeing one would be good, so filmed a wee paddle with a very makeshift camera holder on the boat. Apart from paddling through some low tree branches and sending the camera a bit skewiff, that went OK.

Had our first meal out in 6 months at St. Abbs, some lovely fish, chips & peas. The village is lovely, with lots of folk visiting, so trying to keep clear of them. It has an independent lifeboat, as the RLNI shut down theirs and the locals raised the money to run their own. They’ve also become New Asgard, as it was the location in a Marvel film. There is also a statue with wee fisher wives and children looking out to sea. It commemorates the big storm in 1881 when 192 fishermen were drowned up and down the coast in sight of the harbours.

So I’ll leave you all on that cheery note!!