More Calamity

I’m back again.

Seems like I’ve got Monday bike.

This time it’s the gears again. Just after being on the longer ride I was luckily only a mile or so from home after 20 miles, when I just lost all forward motion. There was a big clunk and the whole crank arm flew off behind me snapped in two. I managed to coast home and inspected everything. When the crank arm broke off it had also smashed up the rear derailleur.

Bike Ride 2019-08-03-00002

The broken crank arm flies off

Bike Ride 2019-08-03-00004

Walking back

Bike Ride 2019-08-03-00010

Not a good trick

So, it was off to the bike shop yet again. All the bits were sent off to Shimano UK, and over four weeks later I’m still waiting for replacements. Unfortunately I had an event, the wonderful Tour of Tweeddale, so had to haul out my old specialised and trundle along the 90 plus miles of the event.  Luckily I had good pals along with me and we had a really good time although I did a bit wobbit in the last 10 miles or so. However the bottle of Tweeddale at the end perked me up when I thought of drinking it when I got home.

Screenshot 2019-08-26 at 10.34.25

The start of The Tour of Tweeddale – 93 miles to go

Bike Ride 2019-08-25-00032

We’re on the way

Bike Ride 2019-08-25-00029

Loch Talla with the sun starting to heat up

Bike Ride 2019-08-25-00026

The Wall of Talla at over 20% – the tandem riders had chain problems

Bike Ride 2019-08-25-00017

A quick stretch out

Bike Ride 2019-08-25-00015


Bike Ride 2019-08-25-00002

Dave going well …

Bike Ride 2019-08-25-00001

… but cramp struck

Screenshot 2019-08-29 at 09.44.35

The reward for some hard miles

So far this year I’ve had to use the old Specialized for at almost half of my rides, so I’m feeling a bit world-weary with my newer Roubaix, although when it’s going it is fabulous.

Next came the Tour of Britain, which was reasonably near by in the Scottish Borders, coming up from Kelso. A group of us from the Haddington Cycle Club assembled half way up one of the steep hills and had a very social time chatting, before the Tour came through. After less that 2 minutes the riders sped past & we cycled back home over the hills.

Screenshot 2019-09-08 at 17.59.20

Cafe stop before the hills

Bike Ride 2019-09-08-00035

Some of the gang ready to go

Bike Ride 2019-09-08-00009

Up the hill before the Tour arrives

Bike Ride 2019-09-08-00029

Quite a few of these & some friendly waves

Bike Ride 2019-09-08-00028

Sorting out cameras

Bike Ride 2019-09-08-00027

Hope this wasn’t needed

Bike Ride 2019-09-08-00018

Bike Ride 2019-09-08-00014

The breakaway …

Bike Ride 2019-09-08-00017

Bike Ride 2019-09-08-00013

The peloton …

Bike Ride 2019-09-08-00010Bike Ride 2019-09-08-00016Bike Ride 2019-09-08-00012Bike Ride 2019-09-08-00011

Bike Ride 2019-09-08-00015


We’ve had a few nights away recently in the Scottish borders in the shepherds hut, near Berwick on Tweed. There is so some lovely cycling round about, including the wonderful honey farm (and it’s so much more than that!!) and the heavy horse farm, which we went along too. We happened along on a lucky day as the farrier was in shoeing the horses and the vet was doing a bit of dentistry. It was amazing how docile these great big beasts were.


The Shepards Hut


The Farrier



This horse was sedated a wee bit though it may not look it!!



All together – ahhhhh


Quite a litter!!

A couple of weeks later Terry & I were off down to the Borders & Englandshire again. A mere 80+ miles this time, down against a strong headwind and back with some hefty climbs over the Lammermuirs, 5,000+ feet of ascent in all. We stopped at the Honey Farm for a bite, upstairs on the double decker bus.

Bike ride 2019-09-21-00020

I rode this one

Bike ride 2019-09-21-00019

Terry declined

Bike ride 2019-09-21-00013

Th beer cafe in Ayton – a delightful reception, coffee & donuts too

Bike ride 2019-09-21-00011

The Union Chain Bridge – England beckons

Bike ride 2019-09-21-00010

Almost there

Bike ride 2019-09-21-00009

Lunch at the honey farm just up the hill, much, much more than honey!!!

And today I was out and encountered a couple of cars stopped, with flashing lights, and the drivers flagging folk down. As I went past I saw that a large cygnet was on the side of the road, so doubled back to help. We managed to get it safely to the other side, where it promptly lay down. After motioning cars to slow down, one stopped & the driver came out. he obviously knew what he was up to and wheeked the swan up and took it over towards the nearby lake away from the traffic.

Bike ride 2019-09-26-00014

What’s going on?

Bike ride 2019-09-26-00011

I see

Bike ride 2019-09-26-00010

Persuading it to safety

Bike ride 2019-09-26-00008

Amazing the effect of a bike behind you

Bike ride 2019-09-26-00009

Safely over

Bike ride 2019-09-26-00006

Someone who knows what he’s doing

Bike ride 2019-09-26-00005Bike ride 2019-09-26-00004

Bike ride 2019-09-26-00002

The post’s passenger

Bike ride 2019-09-26-00001

And a campavan in a campavan

So I still wait for the Shimano folk to get their finger out so I can get a few more miles on the good bike before the winter comes and the roads get slathered in chemicals, grit etc.


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